Sheetz - Beer sales

Jan 02, 2022

DG56 — Greensburg, USA

On January 2, 2022 around 6:00pm I stopped at sheets in Greensburg to purchase beer, they were out of Busch beer that I usually drink as they are often, so I purchased a bud light 15 pack, The advertise price in the cooler is $11.50, as it has been for months because I buy beer there at least three times a week. when I got to the register I was charged $12.99. When I questioned the lady at the register and said you overcharge me by $1.50 she said no the beer is $12.99. When I said that it is still advertised as $11.49 in the cooler, She stated that well we will change the sign but that is not our department and we can't do anything about that, have a nice night… I realize that sounds petty over $1.50, but I do not make a lot of money, it's a matter of principle. Also this is not the first problem I've had at that store, I filled a complaint a while back about a very rude employee however I didn't follow up on it, Because I felt nothing will be done about it