Shlomo Car Rental - Try to charge for pre-existing damage

May 13, 2022

Customer 2022-of HOUTEN, NL

I rented a car for 14 days at the Sixt Shlome branch in Afula. When I collected the car, first of all there was no staff who spoke English. Which made the communication and questions I had very difficult. But this is the context of Israel and cannot be blamed on Sixt. When all paperwork was finally arranged, I was sent outside to pick up the car. They clearly tried to rush me to take the car. It was running already and they wanted me to leave the compound without checking it. When I said I wanted to walk around the car to check for damages, they said this was not necessary and I should not worry about it. I insisted to do so and took some photos off all scratches to the car. On the side of the car their was a clear large scratch, from the front to the back, which was clearly visible.

Two weeks later when I returned the car it took them a long time to check the car. They said it had some problems and they carefully had to check it. When they were finally done, they asked me to come outside to check the car. They tried to put the blame on me that the large scratch on the side was caused by me. That this was not on the car when they gave it to me. When I told them that I took pictures of the car when I took it and showed it to them, they very quickly decided that it was all of a sudden no problem and not caused by me. So they were clearly trying to scam me as a client. Shame on such a large company.

So for all people who rent a car with Sixt, please make sure to check the car and make sure to take pictures of all scratches before leaving the compound!