Shop LC / Liquidation Channel - $1 online auctions

Jan 13, 2022

Maureen Pucci-of Revere, MA, US

On 3 separate occasions, I won rings on the website $1 auctions. The first instance I won a ring for $113 and they held the payment for 8 days and then when I called, they told me the ring was not available so they would refund my money. I really wanted that ring and was so disappointed that I finally won it on auction and it wasn't available. Why auction items if they are not available? This was purchased on auction by me on 12/24/21. It was 3671055 10K Yellow Gold AAA Jenipapo Andalusite, Diamond Ring (Size 9.0) (2.30 g) 1.25 ctw. After calling, I received my refund of $113 plus S&H on 1/4/22. The second instance I won 3665649 10K Yellow Gold Premium Tanzanite, Diamond Trilogy Ring (Size 9.0) (1.38 g) 1.50 ctw on 1/4/22 for $137. This ring was also not available. I spoke to a supervisor who after I complained much, ordered me a comparable ring for the same price that I won the original ring on auction. Now today (1/12/22) I won a ring on auction for $43. This ring was LUXORO AAA Niassa Ruby Solitaire Ring in 10K Yellow Gold (Size 6.0) 8.70 ctw 3543776. When I went to my bid history to pay for this item that I won, it read "purchased". I had not purchased it yet, but I intended on purchasing it at that time. I was unable to since it said it was "purchased". I called customer service and was told that the ring was out of stock so they removed it from my cart. There was a comparable ring (the same ring but just in size 8) that was available currently on auction but the manager said that she can't sell that to me for the price that I won the same ring in a different size in auction that was not available. I told her they should have a disclaimer on the website for the $1 auctions stating that you may win the auction but the items you won may not be available. She then told me that this does not happen enough and therefore it is not necessary to put a disclaimer. I love the jewelry and SHOP LC but this is not a good way of doing business. They should substitute items you win on auction with comparable items or put a disclaimer on the site stating that items won may not be available for purchase. Otherwise, it is in some sense false advertising.