Showtime Networks - billing error

Apr 13, 2022

StinaB4Him-of Sierra Vista, US

I signed up for a free 30 day trial of Showtime, and was also set up to get the following 3 months of service for only $3.99/mo.

When I checked my account a couple days after my 30 free trial ended, I found that I had been charged for a full year's subscription at full price, without my persmission.

I have continuously tried to access your online Chat reps, but the chat option disappears instantly after flashing at the bottom right of my screen when I transition pages. I cannot find a phone number to call, so I have been trying to find any way possible to reach customer service, to no avail.

I hope this message reaches someone who can address this issue with me, as I am beyond frustrated!

Please provide me with another way to reach a representative other than online "Chat."

I have not been impressed with the streaming service I have had during the free trial, so I'm definitely not interested in paying full price for Showtime's service... connection gets lost for periods of time almost every time we try to watch a show... not good!