Silver Cross Hospital - Silver Cross Hospital Urgent Care

Apr 25, 2022

Jeff Osborn-of US

If you're feeling like you need to go to the urgent care, don't bother. They were not busy (very few rooms in use) but treated my wife like a dishonest annoyance.

Not only did the PA accuse my wife of fabricating a week and a half of pneumonia-like symptoms, difficulty breathing, and shortness of breath. They pressured her to re-take Covid and Flu tests that had already been negative (she was at another urgent care 2 days prior).

When the tests were negative, once again, my wife asked to see another Dr or PA, but they refused to comply. They then (almost immediately) rushed her out the door with a diagnosis of "Asthma Attack" (?) and a prescription of antibiotics (?) just to discharge her ASAP.

She felt extremely pressured, unsafe, and bullied. So much so that she felt that she had to call me to come make sure she had support. They did not have her best interest in mind, whatsoever.