Singapore General Hospital - Lousy MOH QSM service , winner of Tai Chi master goes to Mr Jeffery Lee of MOH

Mar 26, 2022

Ajimasaid-of US

alamat please lah Minister Ong, don't tell public feedback to QSM MOH Jeffrey Lee when this fellow sleeps on his job so many times. Gave feedback about SGH poor services that lead to negligence of service to my dad during hospitalization. Instead of helping to escalate, this smart alec played tai ji master and swing us from one party to another ended up we gave up feedback. More than 6 months liao, no news about the negligence on services from doctors. Hopeless.

See MP also useless, can't help much because best they can do is ecalate to their colleage MP ONg, and in return MP Ong pass to MOH. Then they hire Jeffrey the Taichi master, he can make feedback become silence