Sobha - Complaint regarding TMT and Ms Scrap purchase from Sobha Developers Marina One,Cochin,Kerala.

Apr 21, 2022

Sherin Azis-of Cochin, IN

Complaint regarding TMT and Ms Scrap purchase from Sobha Developers Marina One,Cochin,Kerala.



Sherin Azis

Rautin Iron and Metal Scrap Company, Cochin, Kerala.

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Sobha Developers


Complaint regarding TMT and Ms Scrap purchase from Sobha Developers Marina One, Cochin, Kerala.


I got some information from Sobha Developers, Cochin office on 04th April 2022 regarding the sale of TMT, Ms, Pvc and News Paper scraps and advised me that 5th April 2022 is the closing date of the Scrap Quotation.

I requested your company representative for a site visit for evaluating the scraps. They permitted me to visit the site on 5th April 2022 morning section and advise me to quote for the same on the same day before the office hours.

I agreed the terms and did the same.

I quoted for TMT, MS, PVC and News Paper scraps for a maximum good price.

on 5th April 2022 Afternoon.

Quote Details.

TMT Scraps - 43.00 Rs. +Gst

MS Scrap - 37.00 Rs. +Gst

PVC Scraps - 21.00 Rs. +Gst

News Paper Scraps - 20.00 Rs. +Gst

The original quotation will be attached with this complaint.

On 11th of April 2022, we got work order. In the work order we got only approval for lifting 15 tons of TMT scraps and the instructions was to lift the TMT scraps at the earliest and the rest of the quoted approval will be received soon.

We had concluded that the entire quoted is approved for our company and we prepared ourself to start the work at the earliest. We decided to start the work on 20th April 2022.There was a public holiday for 14th and 15th so we extended to 20th April.

Our team from Palakkad,13 Staffs,2 Trucks ,10 Oxygen cylinders and 2 Lpg Gas arrived by or around 11:00 Am on 20th of this month.

Waited in the gate for more than 3-4 Hrs.

We overcome all the formalities attended safety classes and followed all the instructions and almost 1:00 Pm we entered your site for the work, after taking the weight of Truck for loading and lifting TMT scrap.

We had followed all the instructions from your Marina one site store employee.

The store employee of your site advised me to start the on a lot of scraps which is mixed with TMT, Ms and all other waste scrap. In that lot we have to segregated the scraps and we have to find TMT from that lot and rest of the MS scraps we need to dump near to that lot.

We request them that we will parallelly load Ms and tmt. They declined and advised us that you got approval for TMT scrap only, so you should load tmt scrap only. In the same site there are several lot of TMT scraps available. Why the store employees compelling us load the mixed scrap tmt. As we have not received the Ms scrap quote approved.

We have noticed and realized that the store employees are intentionally doing these type of activities as we had quoted a higher quote and please note that we are dealing with your company for the first time.

We can do the work only if the entire quote that we had quoted is approved that is the system. We don’t need to teach your respected management to do business. Please instruct and advise your team that they are not selling fish or vegetable in your firm. Please ask them to follow a minimum standard as they are working for a Corporate MNC company Sobha Ltd.

Kindly don’t entertain such activities anymore as we our team and company staffs are really insulted, time waste money waste.

In our scrap business the TMT bars for 16mm to 32mm and length should be more than 4 feet and rest of the 8mm to 12mm will be considered as Ms scrap only.

In your company policy and system all tmt bars are considered as tmt and we realized the same yesterday from your site.

So, we don't have any other way to lift the materials for our quoted price.

We had left your company without doing any work by 4:00 PM yesterday.

For all details your management can check the day book in your site.

Because of yesterday's issue and proper communication mistake with your store employees.

We got a loss of 30K Rupees. We request your company management to sort out the issues at the earliest.

This is a sad incident that we experienced from your team.

I may hope Sobha management will take necessary action against the incident and I request you to investigate and find out the truth.

Thanks, and Regards

Sherin Azis

Rautin Scrap


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