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May 14, 2022

esme jones-of US

I have been using Soft Bank internet services since 2015. Last week I moved house within Osaka city. The internet stopped working. I tried everything to get it working. It didn't work. It caused a lot of stress as I need internet to work from home. I lost 20,000 yen in wages due to no internet. I visited the Softbank shop in Yodobashi camera on Saturday May 7th. I spent 75 mins there but they couldn't find my account and couldn't help me, despite giving them my name and address. I went back the next day and they found my account. I waited with the Softbank staff for 45 mins to get through to the helpline which didn't help me and couldn't change my address because I moved over golden week and my new address hadn't been updated at the city office on my resident card. All I needed was internet, they recommended buying a new router, so i filled in all the paperwork but at the Softbank shop the system refused my application maybe because my previous address was a share house. They said there was nothing they could do. So the Softbank man introduced me to Docomo it took 2 and a half hours on May 7th top sign up for the 5G home plan. The whole situation took more than 6 hours and was hugely stressful.

a Then on May 14th I called with a Japanese speaker to cancel the non-working Softbank service. We spent a total of two hours on the telephone. First they told us the internet should be connected as they had moved it to another tower, the internet still didn't work. We called back and finally they told us that the service should work fine they had registered my new address which they could do over the phone and change my router to a different tower. Why didn't they do that on May 6th or 7th? When I desperately needed internet for my work. They do it one week later - it's too late!Then they told me I should cancel docomo as it is within their cooling off period. This would mean another 2-4 hour ordeal in Yodobashi Camera. I said no I couldn't spend my week-end again in such an awful situation wasting time I needed to prepare for work and unpack my things in my new house. So Softbank insisted I have to pay 10,000 yen cancellation fee and a month of internet connection, totaling almost 15,000 yen.

My complaint can be summarized as follows:

1)The staff at Softbank didn't give the correct information and help customers on the first visit which leads to huge stress, wasting my valuable time and energy.

2) Their service both in person at YC and on the phone is slow and confusing (different staff give different answers) and they require the telephone number to access the account - if it's an old number it's so time consuming for them to find the account. I just started 3 new part time jobs and i need to use my free time to relax and prepare for my new jobs not to sit around in loud noisy environments while soft bank staff try to find out what they need to do.

3) Their system of handling customers and dealing with situations is rigid and inflexible. They consider me not having internet is my fault as I didn't follow their procedure. Despite the fact that Softbank didn't help on May 7th and gave me incorrect information.No-one told me of this procedure, yet i am responsible for that.

4) As a result of this problem, I wasted more than 8 hours in person and on the phone trying to fix this problem. It caused me huge stress after moving and a lack of sleep. I lost 20,000 yen in wages due to no internet. Now I have to pay Softbank 15,000 yen in fees for cancelling. Truly shocking customer service. The company's whole focus is about their system ands getting the customers to follow that system. I feel completely powerless, disregarded and used by Softbank system that doesn't care about customers at all.. I wouldn't call their helpline a service as they don't do anything to help other just to inform you of what regulations you have to follow.