Sono Bello - Fat Reduction Services

Jan 27, 2022

smannie — Eldon, USA

Paid upfront for waist reduction, thigh inner and outer reduction; tummy reduction with skin removal and upper arm reduction. In all the only satisfaction was from the skin removal but it also was excessive scarring.
Inner thighs were not completed and left a large dip in the thigh which was corrected to some degree but I know the doctor could have done better but they just don't. The waist was not reduced at all; love handles at all as the hips were stated as an area. There was only 1/2 inch reduction. no measurements were taken after, why? because there were not any good results.
All areas were done this way. For over 12, 000 I should see results and am so disappointed that I didn't research the thousands of complaints I am now seeing after my unpleasant results. I would like a resolution as I continue to struggle with the weight in the thighs and and now now deformity in my hips and thighs to boot.