Sorel - Sorel Conquest Boots

Feb 23, 2022

Mr. Blocker-of Binghamton, US

1st off, let me begin by saying that the Customer Service Rep that I spoke to was by far, the worst I'd ever spoken to in my life. She made it seem like she was making the boots herself and that this was her company.

I explained that the boots weren't even 5 mos old and that I wanted the boots repaired because I assumed that the boots had a warranty as with other companies offering lifetime warranties.

The Rep snappily replied " do you have the Receipt ? " I informed her that I did not , but if need be I could produce a Statement from my Bank to prove that I made the purchase. The Rep made me feel like I had some reason to lie or that I was attempting to get another pair of boots for free. I then asked to speak to a Manager and was put on hold for over 20 minutes, having the same Rep then request that I send them pictures of the boots via my cellphone. After I agreed to send pictures of the cheaply made boots, I still asked to speak with a Manager. The Rep then softened her tone and began to speak in a more civil manner, but by that time I was already fed up with her earlier condescending tone and just sought to end the call.

The next day I received a call from ( who I presumed ) was a Manager and explained the situation and the Rep that I had spoken to. The Manager assured me that he would speak to the Rep. Then he asked me to explain what she stated to me and how our conversation ended, all the while , not a single mention of the boots. The entire call was regarding my complaint.

I will never make any purchases with Sorel or Columbia ever again.