Southern Motion - Southern Motion All Star Recliner

Apr 29, 2022

millertimeal-of Oneonta, US

I bought a Southern Motion All Star Recliner in 2020 and it did not even last into 2021, even after 2 repairs. The frame was junk and would not hold even a substantial portion, let alone, the full weight capacity rating of the chair. The dealer who sold it to me was gracious enough to sell me another chair at cost, but it was still more money outlay and not the texture of the All Star.

Southern Motion would not even call me directly to discuss the chair. The must have been afraid of the junk they had sold. Based on this company's lack of customer service, diligence and ev3en common sense, I would strongly recommend that nobody do business with the "great" American company. They are a sham. They could care less about customers and they lie to the customer through their dealers. Take your hard earned money and buy the Beas by Best chair. It is much better built, the company stands behind it and it is less expensive to boot. Southern Motion is a disgrace to the American manufacturing sector and should be ashamed of themselves - period!