SpaBerry - Delivery Promises Made and then Broken

Dec 13, 2021

ChelseaA-of Niverville, MB, Canada

We ordered our SpaBerry in March of 2021 with a promised delivery of October 2021. We were excited even though we knew we would be waiting 6-7 months for delivery we were ok to wait. We paid in full.

October rolls around and we hadn't heard from SpaBerry at all in regards to our delivery and when we reached out via email, we were informed that they were delayed in manufacturing and we would likely receive it in November.

November comes and again we are told delays. "Parts for manufacturing haven't been received due to the pandemic..." BLAH BLAH BLAH. We expressed how we felt this was unacceptable for them to not reach out and talk to us proactively and asked how much longer. They assured us we would have our product in December as parts had been received.

December 10th we are informed that they would be another 2 months at least in manufacturing our product because of the floods in BC and the transportation delays. We again express our disappointment as we have now been waiting 9 months and are told we need to wait at least 2 more months. Meanwhile, we've paid in full for a product that isn't even assured to be delivered before we hit the year mark. With this we requested a full refund because we just don't believe they will be able to deliver and are no longer willing to wait.

Their reply... No refunds.