Sparkasse Bank / Sparkassen-Finanzportal - Withholding my funds - ignored request for account closure and trasnfer of funds

Dec 09, 2021

Charlotte Sault-of United Kingdom

I recently moved from Germany to the United Kingdom. I reached out to the customer service team to inquire about the process for closing my account and transferring the funds to my UK bank account. They assured me that this is a simple process and would take 3 business days once requested and cost 15 euros.

I formally requested this transfer on November 5th 2021, and have not had any action since. I urgently need the funds yet they refuse to release the funds and send them continually asking for more information that I have previously provided. Today (Thurs. December 12, 2021) I was told that my account representative is sick, and therefore no one will even review the request again until Monday.

This is beyond the point of frustration, this is bordering criminal. A bank cannot withhold my funds when a formal request has been made.