Sparkasse Bank / Sparkassen-Finanzportal - Professional Misconduct, unlawful, possibly illegal behaviour by bank employee

Jan 03, 2022

[email protected]-of BRENTWOOD, United Kingdom

Dear Sir/Madam



I am writing on behalf of Mr Christian Hartmann, date of birth 18.6.1971.  Mr Hartmann took the responsibility of a joint mortgage in 2013 with Miss Renata Hausler, employee at Sparkasse Bank, Ingolstadt.  Mr Hartmann repeatedly asked Miss Hausler for details of the mortgage including the rate of borrowing, the term of the mortgage, the repayment details and other particulars.  Miss Hausler refused to provide any details of the mortgage stating that Mr Hartmann was  "not clever enough to understand".

In October 2019 Mr Hartmann advised that he wished to remove himself from the mortgage and move to UK.  Miss Hausler confirmed that she was able to take on the mortgage repayments "easily".  Miss Hausler advised Mr Hartmann that he was not entitled to anything from herself or from the bank - no share of equity, despite having contributed fully to the mortgage and household bills etc.

Mr Hartmann's UK bank now wish to see documentation relating to the mortgage for assessment of Mr Hartmann's credit ability and so email has been sent to the bank and to the Notar asking for this proof however Miss Hausler has responded to Mr Hartmann that he never had any ownership of the property or part thereof and that it "has always been her house and only hers".

I believe that Miss Hausler has acted unprofessionally, unlawfully and possibly illegally.  I believe that Miss Hausler has used her position at the bank for her own personal financial gain from a bank customer.  This is a very serious matter and if this cannot be resolved then I must advise Mr Hartmann to proceed with legal action against Sparkasse Bank Ingolstadt.

The mortgage was for property:  Baarer Strasse 6, 85290 Geisenfeld.

The Notar was Dr. Klaus Macht in Ingolstadt.

A copy of this complaint is being emailed to Tobias Pilbert, Sparkasse manager, Munich.

I request professional investigation into the conduct of bank employee Renata Hausler.  Also written confirmation that Mr Hartmann held a joint mortgage with Miss Hausler for the above property and therefore joint ownership for a period of time.  Also financial compensation for the loss of equity of the property, which lawfully belonged to Mr Hartmann for his financial commitment and contribution to the aforementioned mortgage and financial compensation for the stress and inconvenience caused by the actions of this bank employee.

Please send response within 28 days to [protected] 

Yours faithfully

A K Blackmore