Speed Queen - speed queen commercial heavy duty model awn432sp113tw04

Nov 24, 2021

speedqueen — Oregon wi, USA

I have been helping with laundry since I was about 6 years old. In basement over a burner in boiling water, in a bathtub, using a wringer wash machine. several apartments, and our three homes. The latest being the Speed Queen. Liked the stainless steel tub. Unfortunately it has been a disaster as it doesn't spin the clothes out worth a darn. It has left water standing in the tub at the bottom, and I can sometimes wring water out of clothing. We have had repair people here several times and parts have been replaced. But problem still exists. I do not overload the machine ever. I've been told not to use liquid softner or sheets. I'm sure they must have been kidding. It's nice to know it's energy efficient. The problem is we often put it through another spin cycle and need to then dry the clothes through 2 or 3 dryer cycles. Not so energy conservative. It was purchased in 2018 and I've given up that it is ever going to work properly. I would like to get money back for this horrible machine.