Spirit Delivery & Distribution Services - Washer and Gas Dryer

Mar 10, 2022

Tamika Frank-of US

Spirit Logistics delivered a washer and gas dryer. They hooked up both the washer and the gas dryer incorrectly. The washer hoses was hooked up to the wrong water faucets. Spirit Logistics also hook up my gas dryer incorrectly causing gas to leak into my home for months. They almost blew up my house killing all of us. I was having major headaches for months. I went out of town and came back and my basement smelled of pure gas. I called LG&E immediately which turned off my gas for a gas leak. I had to call a plumber. When plumber arrived he asked who hooked up my gas dryer. I explained Lowe's delivery people. He flipped. He said this house was going to blow at any moment. One wrong light and it would have blown. He said that it was installed incorrectly and has been leaking gas for months. I have a large plumbers bill and Spirit Logistics hasn't called or returned messages to correct their wrongs. I don't want this to happen to anyone else.