Sportsman's Warehouse - Unable to request or receive a refund for a product not in stock

Dec 27, 2021

Janis Layne-of United States

I purchased two rolls of caps online on December 18 from Sportsman Warehouse located in Greensboro NC. I selected to pick up the caps at the store. Two days later when I had not received an email to pick up the caps, I traveled to the store and discovered the caps were not in stock. I called customer service the next day to cancel the order and to receive a refund. I was told the caps were being shipped from the warehouse in Utah to the store in Greensboro. I told the representative that I no longer need the caps since they were not available at the store for pickup and I wished to cancel the order and get a refund. The representative then told me I could not request a refund until the caps had been received in Greensboro and after I receive an email that they are available to pickup at the store. First of all, I should not have been charged for these items until I picked them up. Secondly, I should be able to cancel the order at anytime and receive a refund since the caps, if they exist, are still in the possession of Sportsman Warehouse. The caps may never get shipped or received in Greensboro and I may never get an email. As I write this, it has been nine days since I placed the order and there is no indication that the caps have ever been shipped from Utah. This is totally absurd. If the caps were being shipped directly to me, I would understand why I needed to wait to receive them to seek a refund, but in this case, they are allegedly being shipped within the Sportsman company while my money is being held hostage. This was my first experience with Sportsman Warehouse and will definitely be my last. My order number is [protected]. I am asking for a refund of $12.79. I have also opened a dispute with PayPal. My next step is to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.