Sportsman's Warehouse - Gender Discrimination

Mar 06, 2022

Diana Michelle-of Lake Tapps, US

I have been denied my 2nd amendment right to bear arms. I was mistakenly added to your list and have been denied to purchase a gun from only your company, every other company allows me to purchase a firearm. My husband received a false denial to purchase the home defense shotgun that I wanted for Christmas. After finding this out, I went online and bought the shotgun myself and when I went to the Federal Way store, the manager said he would not sell me the gun. I went to another store and bought it for myself. My husband appealed the denial and has been cleared by the FBI with his finger prints and we have the letter that he is allowed to purchase and own firearms. We went back to Sportman’s and they said we are both permanently denied from ever purchasing another firearm from your company and that is not right. We are law abiding citizens and have never been in any trouble in our lives. Our names need to be removed from your straw purchase list as that was not the case and both of us have purchased several guns from your store in the past 2 years.