Square Enix Holdings - World Transfer Service and Steam compatibility

May 18, 2022

Michael Spicer-of Olympia, US

Several issues here. I work remotely from home in a different state and enjoy playing online games with my wife. We decided to continue to play FF14 together using our old accounts.

First issue arises when attempting to reactivate my wife's FF14 steam account. Absolutely unable to access my wifes account or even log in as there is a compatibility issue between SE and Steam that prevents people from logging in DESPITE paying for a month subscription. Multiple people have had this issue when I looked into it online afterwards. So we lost $20 for the subscription fee and the $40 for buying the DLC for the FF14 account.

I then purchased a new copy for my wife, so she can play with me on my non-steam account. So thats $65 and countless hours of lost play time on her old account as she essentially lost her old account due to criminal negligence on the part of Square Enix.

We then attempt to get her into my server where my character is located. She is then notified that the server is full after attempting to log into the account (THERE NEEDS TO BE A NOTIFICATION NEXT TO SERVER INDICATING THAT IT IS FULL BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO SELECT IT). So I pay $18 to transfer to a different server with MY character. She is then notified that this server IS FULL AS WELL. I attempt to change servers again and I'm notified that I have to wait 3 days before attempting to change servers again.

There is no way of contacting anyone at Square Enix as well to fix this issue. There is no one to call and talk to about this. There is a number and when you call they refer you to an online forum that does not resolve the issues that I am having and that countless others have experienced as well

So I cannot play with my wife for another 3 days. And I've lost $143 due to the criminal negligence of Square Enix and countless hours of playtime on my wifes account.