Stansberry Research - Subscription

Jan 14, 2022

Mary Wisehart-of US

I am very displeased with their refund policy. They state you can subscribe but get a refund within 90 days of reviewing their material. The subscription is extremely expensive and for 1 yr at a time, $2, 00 to $4, 000+. The refund policy was very reasonable for the expense, however, the refund is for a credit toward other subscriptions. If you don't pay close attention, you might do as I did, review the material, find it too complicated to utilize, and expect a credit to my credit card. Instead I am stuck with a subscription I can't use and stuck choosing other subscriptions that are just as confusing.

The material itself, is well written and comprehensive, but not for the elderly (me) or people who are not mathmatically inclined. It is also not for people who don't have the amount of extra time and expendable money required to effectively utilize the information.

Now I'm out a LOT of money I could be investing but instead, have access to information I can't utilize.

If you have the intelligence, lots of extra money (at least $15, 000) and time, this is probably a very good choice. This is not for anyone or everyone.