- Payment processor

Feb 07, 2022

Edvinas Eimantas-of Vilnius, LT

I would like to share incredible story how is treating businesses which are working with them. I registered my business on There was no issues I provided everything they have asked and they approved it. I started to process payments from my costumers. In some point they have asked me to provide photos of my products with the piece of paper in which was written a date. They wanted a non stock photos so they requested to unpack it. I explained that I am using a fulfillment center, my products are in different country and this task will be really expensive. I received an answer from them that they approve it without those photos and we are good to go. After some I received an email that they are closing my account. I appeal to that decision because this option was available. I have some orders processed through and decided not to wait their decision and fulfill them. After ma week even though they guaranteed a response within 48 hours and numerous emails written to support I received an answer that they won't be able to accept payments. Which is fine because many companies are doing the same. BUT THEY SIMPLY REFUNDED ALL COSTUMERS THEIR MONEY INCLUDING THE PAYMENTS FROM TRANSACTIONS THAT WERE ALREADY FULFILLED. SO THEY BASICALLY STOLE MY FUNDS! Please do not use this payment processor because they one day will just close your account and steal the money which are not sent to you. I attach an emails from them. Please take a close look to the time and dates.