Sumissura - Unable to provide delivery window and deceptive conduct

May 12, 2022

kirsten21-of Brookvale, AU

Order placed 9 Apr and confirmed same day with 2 week estimated delivery time. 2.5 weeks later advised they had supply chain and logistics issues and my order was delayed with no revised delivery date. I requested cancellation and a refund as production had not yet started. This was denied despite no foreseeable delivery window over a month after my order was placed. Furthermore the reason for the delay would have been impacting them, thus known, when I placed the order - but instead of disclosing at the time they waited till my right to cancel in 24hrs had passed and intentionally vague about the status of my order. Customer service is condescending and lacks customer centricity. There is no customer complaints escalation process. The jurisdiction means that there are limited opportunities to access any consumer protections.