Sun Country Airlines - cancelled return flight

Mar 17, 2022

LynnMarieB-of SAINT PAUL, US

On Sunday, March 13, at 3:30 a.m., we received a text message from Sun Country that our 9 a.m. flight had been cancelled. We didn't see this text until 6:00 a.m., when we awoke. We were to return to Minneapolis, MN from our trip to Palm Springs, CA. We needed to return to Minneapolis that day due to work schedules and family situations.

Sun Country provided no alternative option for us to return to Minneapolis. We first searched for a Sun Country flight, but nothing was available. We then searched for a return flight on other airlines. Most were sold out with such short notice. My daughter and her boyfriend were able to secure the last two seats on a Delta flight out of LAX at 1:30. My husband, son and I (after many Sold Out searches) were able to get tickets for a 11:30 Delta flight out of LAX.

We had a very stressful drive from Palm Springs to LAX, far exceeding the speed limit. In addition, because we were returning the rental car to a different Hertz location (LAX, not Palm Springs), we were charged an exorbitant amount extra.

In addition to the stressful exit from our vacation, here are the extra cost breakdowns:

Two return tickets on alternative airline $600 each

Three return tickets on alternative airline $998 each

Additional rental car charges plus gas $310

Total Extra Amount We Paid: Over $4,500

These extra charges put us way over budget and we will be making payments to our credit card (with interest) for many months because of Sun Country's cancellation.

How does Sun Country plan to make amends?