Sun RV Resorts - The Loft Geneva on the Lake

May 16, 2022

Sherry Siedlak-of Geneva On The Lake, US

Your management did a very poor decision to set up a poker run when you have a private party scheduled at the same time! There was an ultra cation on reserved tables. When my group of 8-10 came in there was NO reserved sign so we sat at the empty table …to be told to get the fxxx out. I explained other tables had reserved signs but ours did not! Our poker run papers were ripped from our hands and thrown on the floor. I asked to see a manager before any other problems arose. When he came to the table he had two other gentlemen with him. He did have a birthday part booked but there was NO sign on this table. Rather than have something else happen and someone else get hurt we left our beverages full. I will no longer use your establishment. Just an FYI my family has been coming to this area since the 1950s . We send all of our visitors to your store at Indian Creek and the Loft for a bite to eat. We have even sent campers to your place of business. This however will not happen again. Maybe some customer service training would be helpful for your management.