Sundance Spas - Product. 2022 McKinley bought April 27,2022 spa

May 06, 2022

Kgkclark-of East Carbon, US

Installed hot tub and after filling and running the pumps the spa had F1 error open on digital read out. Called dealer told us that it could be. A airlock turn pumps on and off. This did not work. Cleaned filter this did not work either. When F-1 reading the spa heater would not work. This reading would only come on in low pump. It could close the flow switch. Could not get repair man because the trip was to far , 94 miles. We had a brand new hot tub that did not work. Finally a salesman thought maybe a kinked hose. Could not see any, but further looking we found a kinked hose near the drain. When manufacturing the spa the hose was to long so they bent it to fit the drain hole. Pic attached. We took all panels out to reposition the hose. I hope quality control will pick up on this. I am thankful I have husband for a repairman.