Sundance Spas - Peyton 680 series

Dec 29, 2021

HannaM-of Corpus Christi, Texas, United States

We have a 2 year old Sundance Spa and the circuit board already has stopped working. We notified our dealer November 28, 2021 and they said our board was still under warranty. We just now after received notice, 12/28/21 our board has finally arrived and that you informed them board is not covered under warranty . We Cannot believe you now only warrant a circuit board for two years, not 3 as on your website! How convenient this board goes out just after the two year warranty ended. This is our second Sundance spa, and we never had to replace the circuit board on a 25 year old Hottub. Your product is no longer a quality product. Plus your customer service is terrible. Twice when we complained, yes sorry your customer service, you listen to customers complaints, we were hung on up. I did not cuss. Was I angry, you betcha, but did not raise my voice. I said I would make sure My friends and family know Sundance no longer sales quality products and now reduces time of warranty. They cut me off and hung up. Believe me when I say will make sure to tell my friends and family to never buy a Sundance. You change your warranties and your products no longer are of quality. I no know you will not stand by your product and will give the song and dance your circuit board, a circuit board, the hub of controlling your Hottub is only covered 2 years now. So sorry about your luck. How we have been treated thus far, you could care less about customer satisfaction. This is not the dealership problem this is a problem with the service of Sundance Spas and the quality of your spas.