Superior Propane - Not delivering propane as promised and horrible customer service

Jan 12, 2022

Shelagh Stadel-of US

I ordered propane online in late December. We had very cold weather -45 for weeks. I was given a delivery date in mid January which was a longer wait than I expected, but I could live with it. The delivery promise date has been repeatedly missed. Each time I call I spent over an hour on hold to be told it will come that day or the very next day at the latest. The propane has not arrived still. We have been without propane now for over a week. I sent an email which promises a 24 response time. I received a response 5 days later which did not answer my question as to when the propane would be arriving and they asked how much propane we had when the email clearly outlined we were out. I had similar problems last year with trying to get the tank replaced. I spent hours and hours on the phone and it took them a year to replace the tank (they brought me a rusted out horrible looking tank for a new service). Please think twice before using this company.