Superior Propane - Impossible to Get Propane Delivery!

Jan 14, 2022

Jillian Lynn Lawson-of Marsh Lake, CA

• I have a propane furnace and a propane fireplace, with no alternative heat source;
• The tank is owned by Superior Propane, I paid for the propane remaining when I bought 20 Relic Road, and opened an account with Superior Propane;
• I ordered a refill online as required on December 12th, when the level reached about 35 percent;
• I received an email confirming a delivery date on or before January 10 - Order Number: 155961;
• January 10th came and went with no delivery; Superior Propane said there was no record of the order(!);
• Superior Propane contacted the "coordinator", he "confirmed" that he would deliver on or before the 12th and I received a confirmation email - Order Number: 31687;
• January 12th came and went with no delivery;
• I contacted Superior Propane again (endless time spent on the phone) and they assured me on January 13th that delivery would be at 10:00 a.m. on the 14th;
• January 14th has come and gone with no delivery, it is weekend and no one can be contacted, just the answering service - who suggested I could pay a fee to get an emergency delivery(!);
• Superior Propane is very centralized in Ontario, the office here I discovered today when I went to Galena Road is not open to the public and there is no local phone number;
• My propane tank is in the red, about 18 or so percent remaining, so it is critical that it be filled soon, but I am beginning to wonder how - and why the coordinator and delivery person do not make this a priority after blowing through three confirmed delivery dates;
• This is Winter in the Yukon, last week it was in the minus 40s!
• Who is going to take responsibility for damage done to my house and to me when the propane runs out, the furnace goes off, and all the pipes freeze?
I should NOT have to go to a lawyer to simply have my propane tank filled!