SurePayroll - Payroll processing

Feb 12, 2022

S1S2-of Los Angeles, US

I signed up with Surepayroll for their free trial.

The representative (who lied to me, by the way), asked for my bank account number. I didn't want to give it. Since there were going to be no charges, why did they need my bank account number.

He assured and reassured me that they would not charge my account but they needed the account number to do the payroll during the trial period.

Then, they just started charging my account without my authorization. They don't answer the phone (just on hold forever). I contacted them in writing repeatedly demanding that they cancel my account, not charge my account and remove my information from their system.

Following my requests to cancel and not charge my account, they have continued to take money from my account and do not respond to any of my requests.

My bank is in the process of investigating the fraud. I have demanded that they put a stop payment on this company.

So so horrible.

I hope this will help others not have this problem.