SurePayroll - Sure Payroll services

May 11, 2022

K Snyder-of League City, US

#1 They have the worst customer service. They put you on hold for hours some times before you can talk to customer service for help. Their music on hold is extremely loud (as to drive you off the phone), and when you turn it down to a volume you can tolerate you cannot hear the person when they come on the phone and they hang up on you before you can turn the volume up. When I call for help, I need help now, not in 2 hours or 24 hours ! I have payroll to run and get back on the road to work.

#2. they sent my referral bonus to someone in Charlotte NC and I am in Texas. They sent the notification to someone else's e mail. He or she spent $600 and now for a year and some time I have been attempting to find out what happened, but all I get is a call from someone the first of every week telling me they are waiting for some new person to come in and they call me on Friday to tell me they can't do anything until Tuesday. run around after run around.

They are full of excuses and no answers. I am running away from them as soon as my accountant says it is ok.