SW Transmissions - Rip off and wont communicate

Feb 17, 2022

Brandon Florida-of US

Ordered my tranny back in oct 21 took about a month to arrive when it did arrive it had broken bolts all over it. I contacted SW and they agreed to send a replacement about 2 weeks later. This company is terrible at communicating they finally sent a replacement in Jan 2022 when it arrives on the freight truck im looking at it and its a different transmission than what i have. It has extra hose ports on the side mine doesnt have and the numbers are different so i refuse shipment. I contact them asking for a refund so i cant get my truck fixed at this point its been on jack stands almost 4 months waiting on these people. They only refunded $875 of the $1820 i spent with them. Saying the second tranny they sent was the exact same as what i have so they are charging me fees.