TalkSpace - Paid for service and was never serviced and asked for my full refund

Apr 23, 2022

l chatzilamprinos-of US

Hi, since I have joined talk space, we have had one session. We have booked and received confirmation that we would have a session on (therapist was a no call No show)4/13/22 at 5pm and 4/19/22 at 6pm We would like a refund for this lack of service. We are not being served and we have emailed the therapist the day of letting her know that we were waiting not to mention we pay for a interpreter so that we can make sure that my husband understands questions and comfortability. We are very disappointed about the service and frustrated because our marriage is at a fragile state. We would like a refund and we are currently looking moving on with a different organization due to talk space unable to assist or support our needs.

When we go to the refund process they say we only get $77.75 when we paid $311 and only got ONE service from the lady and was a no call no show on 2 confirmed dates. That is unacceptable service why would we give money away for what service?