Tax Defense Network - Lack of communication regarding filing Federal and state taxes

Feb 10, 2022

Jessie-of US

I am a veteran, a business owner, and my husband is active duty. I contacted TDN to resolve business, federal and state taxes. They talked a pretty game but follow through was almost non existent. To sum it up I paid my contract fee, I asked for a status from the POC that worked at MoneySolver (it appears a sub of TDN) who I signed Power of Attorneys with and he said, "I don't do corporate taxes and I won't get paid for any other work so I am passing your case off." On to person number two at MoneySolver who was quick to initially reach out.

1. Nothing was explianed why he needed new Power of Attorneys.

2. I routinely emailed and asked if we could just have a brief conversation instead of trading emails.

3. Neither he or his staff could find my tax paperwork. It took me sending an email to all parties stating the issue for it to be resolved.

4. It was always one more paper I had to fill out, everything was so piece meal.

5. Finally, he/his communication faciliator said they had everything...Then, they tell me someone else is going to prepare the tax forms. To add icing to the cake, the new lady asks me for ALL the tax forms again.

6. I reached out to Tiffany, Chad's assistant, and requested a status update on 25 Jan. by the ed of the week. Zero communication. I even called and left voice mails. I then proceeded to forward the email I sent Tiffany to Chad and requested an update. Nothing. Finally Tiffany emails me this week and lets me know she had an extenuating circumstance, which one would think her manager would have replied and let me know. Nope.

7. I related the importance of addressing all the filing and asked for an update and did not receive one when I asked.