TeamHealth - Double billing.

Apr 28, 2022

jacquischerle-of Garden City, US

I was seen in the ER and my insurance billed for both facility and professional services. These were paid. I then received a bill from Team Health for the professional services again. Since I am in fact a medical biller, I let them know these services were already billed and paid for by my insurance. They tried to BS me and tell me that the hospital did not bill for professional services. I informed them that they had and that I was a certified biller and what they were doing is fraud, the BS they were feeding may work on others, but since this is my job and what I do EVERYDAY, their tactics were not going to work on me. I have since reported them to my states OIG and have sent the info to my insurance company so that they are also aware of the fraud. I hope this company is investigated and shut down.