TeamHealth - Billing is either fraudulent or incompetent

May 18, 2022

Aaron V. Jordan-of US

On Saturday (May 14) I received a $1,328 bill for a car accident & hospital visit back on Dec. 24. On Monday, I e-mailed TeamHealth with several questions:

1 - why am I just now receiving a bill 5 months later?

2 - why do I only have an 8-day window to pay it? (Received it on 5/14 and it's due 5/22)

3 - Why does the Hospital's website show I have a $0 balance?

4 - How come my insurance isn't covering any of this bill?

Tuesday they replied: “Upon review we received auto insurance and filed. They denied on 4/28/22, ‘Benefits Exhausted’ and did not make a payment.”

Wednesday I contacted Blue Cross/Blue Shield; They said they already covered most of it, I'm only responsible for $115.68.

Bottomline: don’t believe a word the TeamHealth billing dept. tells you…