TeamHealth - Bill for ER visit

Jan 24, 2022

Kalona Barnhart-of US

I received a bill totaling 2391.00, I called 2 times and spoke with a service rep and was informed that my insurance rejected due to incorrect name. With the first call they were supposedly going to re-submitte to my insurance. Today I got a text from TeamHealth saying I stilled owed 2391.00, I again called and after being on hold for 45 mins again, was told the same thing that my insurance rejected due to incorrect name, according to the person, the information they have is the same as my insurance card, I find it very odd that everyone else has submitted bills and my insurance covered by with these people. I called my insurance and per BCB, TeamHealth has not submitted a bill. It really does not make any sense that if other providers using the same information has submitted bills and have been paid, why is this company saying that my insurance rejected them due to incorrect name. Makes no sense. I have attempted several times after speaking with my insurance to contact them and each time a get the same message that they are having a very high call volume and to go to their web site. I want to speak to a person. Even my insurance attempted to call them and was unable to make contact or leave a message. I think what they are attempting to do is get me to pay the whole bill. Per BCB I will only owe 20% of the total bill not the whole amount if they would simple submitt the bills. I do not buy the fact my insurance rejected due incorrect name, then every provider would have had their bills rejected.