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Feb 14, 2022

Brizz55-of Dallas, US

It’s the same thing here I think. Give as much information without giving any really. You want to know how our IP is stolen and by whom. I can provide being a victim of Big Tech and the vicious circle of corrupt Attorneys in this field. But no information or names. E-TOURNAMENT POKER was the first to invent Electronic card game tournaments and Gaming System over Wi-Fi Link. Copyright and Trademark along with website were stolen and sent to China. I was the first to Decentralize Poker “So you can take it from there”. Pokémon Go was developed from it but that was just the persons company I hired to write the code after patents issued. Anytime or Place to present my evidence and the ones that want to defend please invite me. Since we have same IP firms I guess we will have to use First to invent statutes.