Terra Siberians - Breeder nightmare

Jan 25, 2022

Cass1112-of South Elgin, US

This breeder is a nightmare! First, she lied about having an upcoming litter and when I questioned, she would keep stalling. This went on for 3 months (of course, after I had already put down my deposit). After the litter was born, it took a month until she would send a picture - kept saying she was too busy with her job. Finally got the pictures and chose the kitten I wanted to adopt. I was told that she wouldn't release until 10-12 weeks in age. This would fall into the first week of the year. The week before Christmas, she reached out and said he was ready, trying to push me to pick up sooner. I got her to agree to New Years Eve. She promised that all the necessary shots would be taken care of prior to my arrival. He only received 1 shot (2 days prior to me picking him up - he should have had the 6 week shot and the 9 week shots done).
She kept telling me that the little guy wouldn't eat wet food yet - which seemed very strange to me. ?
When I arrived, my little guy was all matted up, dirty, smelly and was missing fur on his neck and his whiskers were cut! I was polite and didn't mention it, trying not to cause a scene. She, then brought out 2 of her other cats and they were FILTHY and terribly MATTED!
This woman does NOT care, at all, about these cats. I wish someone could take them all away from her!