The Blue Rooms Photographic Studios - Portfolio payments

May 18, 2022

Amandy-of Nottingham, GB

Hi signed up my 4 years old to do modelling via your Facebook link. A lady from your office call lrine phone me 3 days later to tell me my tittle one was successful, she told me my tittle one was geogious and got great modelling potentials.

She asked me if you want a modelling Carrier for her you need to pay £50 refundable registration fee in which l said yes. After l made payment l had an email from a gentleman name Luke inviting me to come to Manchester for a photoshoot. The photoshoot was supposed to be 2 hours but it only lasted less than 30 minutes. After the photoshoot the took me into their office and another lady was explaining the different packages and services the provide, she told me l need 20 photos, a portfolio, efolio and Z card and said to me that it is the industry requirement must have and the totally cost was £2500. I was shocked as l have been told from the beginning that l need 10 photos but now the saying l need 20 photos and insist it is the requirement of modelling industry. I told her l will go home and think about it as l don't have such an amount. She told me l can make part payment

today and set up a direct debit monthly to clear the amount before l can have access to the pictures. So l made payment of £400 and while she was still talking to me, she handed a paper to me to put my initials and sign. Ì

I looked on the paper and it got the amount l paid, the amount l agreed to be paying every month so l sign it. However when l left the office within 15 minutes l phone them asking to cancel my order. l find the dishonest and was told the cannot cancel my order as l have signed a legal contract and the operate a non cancellation policy.

I have sent several emails and phone calls to no vain. l had a look at the cancellation policy and it says once the client has left the premises with the copyright images, the studios is unable to issue a refund but in my case l have not receive any images whatsoever and need my refund. I will not continued with a dishonest company who lies to vulnerable customers and ripped them off.