The Brick - ordered a power adjustable bed they shipped and set up a regular bed frame. Paid close to $3000.00 including warranty.

Jan 28, 2022

Carrie/Dean — Edmonton, Canada

Purchased a automatic king size adjustable bed from 1920-99street Edmonton, paid extra on the mechanical warranty and asked to have the bed delivered and set up. When the two brick employees arrived they took a box in and put the bed together and left. When I went in and looked it was just a bed frame and not the adjustable bed. By the time I ran out to stop the drivers they were half way down the street. I called the brick and have received nothing but the run around. They asked me to take pictures and send them along with pictures of the bill and I have received absolutely no help and they are ignoring my e-mails now. Every time I call the customer service center I receive a nasty rep that keeps feeding me false information. Right now I am out over $2000.00 by receiving a $300 dollar bed frame. I honestly am about to sue the brick. Stay away from this company as they are crooks and you will not get any customer satisfaction or your money back or the correct item you ordered. Looks like I am going to have to get a lawyer. I've never heard of the company treating the customer as if they are annoying them because they do not want to fix the mistake and keep customers coming back. The below attachments are what they sent me the attachment of the bill is what was ordered.