The Brick - Extended warranty

Feb 04, 2022

DW Good — Winnipeg, Canada

Don't even bother getting the extended warranty. They will find a reason not to cover the claim. I bought a sectional they claimed was down fill and (found out it wasn't). The feathers kept sticking out and poking through the fabric. I called to complain and was told that if they send someone out to look at it will be counted as a claim even if they don't fix it. So I decided not to waste my coverage on that. Fast forward to two years later, my toddlers got into the arts and craft drawer, got paint all over the sectional. I called to file a claim and told it wasn't covered because it was caused by a toddler, and that it is not considered accidental; before that, another employee told me it wasn't covered because it was too much paint. So they make up reason for rejecting warranty claims as they go, whatever it takes to not take responsibility and do what their extended warranty promises. Icing on the cake I was told that my warranty was now void due to the paint incident (even though I still had 3 years left), so I asked for a refund for my extended warranty since I never used it (they advertise that if you don't use the warranty that you get back your money). I was told that was not an option and had to wait the full five years. I purchased everything in my house from the brick and the one-time in 15 years as a loyal customer, I file one claim get treated like this. I honestly gave them more trust and loyalty than they deserve. The same week this was going on, I purchased two couches because I was looking for something different for my other living room and cancelled that order within days after this happened; I will never spend a dime there again. I hired a company to clean my sectional, and it was good as new, to think it was that simple to fix the issue, and they didn't even bother to try.