The Bureau of Immigration - Service and personal misconduct

May 05, 2022

Pacy-of Manila, PH

1. While I am filing for my application on May 5, 2022 at around 1:50pm. Misconduct officer Mr. Paul Vincent Borla who rearrange the application file under the desk and give priority to someone. The file looks consecutive on the counter, in-fact is none. It is unfair to all applicants who spend so much time fall in line.

2. Since my working visa is going to expired, we consult him what if my visa expiration before my application approval. He just asking us to do the rest of works right away, he never answers or guide us the proper procedure. It is being foreseen that it will takes few days’ time for the Baranguy certificate and making on line annual report. My visa will be expired till May 7, 2022, it is quite sure that my submission will be done after visa expiration. I just want to know if I need to apply any other kinds of visa such as grace period or what procedure need to be taken before my expiration as to avoid penalty. What can I do now or let my visa expired then to be penalized?

3. Since I feel unsatisfied for his conduct, I take picture for his working ID shown in front of his counter. I need his information to file this complain. However, he sudden come out and grab my application document from my secretary then take pictures on a cell phone. I would like to know if he has right to take pictures on my application? Does the cell phone is the property of BI, if not he should have no right to copy my personal data in his phone. What is the purpose for such pictures of my application. If my personal data will be disclosed or affect my application.