The Company Store - On March I ordered 1 set of 2 dust ruffles

May 17, 2022

Jean M Johnson-of Saint Petersburg, Florida, US

On March 23rd, 2022, I attempted to order 2 twin dust ruffles via your online site but the order screen froze and my order did not appear to go through so I pushed the Place order icon again and the screen froze again. I checked my email and received no confirmation of my order having been received. I then assumed your order entry system was not working and called your telephone 800# to determine if my order had been accepted by Company Store and she advised that no order had been received and she took my order of 2 twin dust ruffles which I received confirmation of in my email immediately after my order. So far all seemed well until, in April when I received a total of 6 twin dust ruffles (2 dust ruffles in 3 separate bags) (remember I only wanted 2 dust ruffles, not 6) I immediately called your customer service 800# and explained the situation to your representative who advised that something went wrong since the order number I gave her seemed incorrect. She told me she would sent 2 UPS shipping labels to return four (4) of the dust ruffles in 2 separate shipments (2 dust ruffles in each bag). I printed and attached the labels and took them to UPS to return to Company Store. I checked with UPS and determined the 2 returns had been received by Company store. Each of the 2 returns should have been a credit of $135.25 for a total credit of $270.50. Om April 15th, I received an email from Company Store advising I would receive a credit of $67.62 (the amount of 1 twin dust ruffle). This is clearly not the amount I should be credited since the credit for the 4 returned dust ruffles should be $270.50. My name id Jean Johnson, 435 16th Avenue Northeast, St. Petersburg, Florida 33704, email: [email protected]