The Good Feet Store - Good Feet 3-Step System

Mar 31, 2022

Winifred Clayton-of Mansfield, US

On 2/28/2022, I purchased The 3-Step System and the shoes they recommended from The Good Feet Store in Arlington, TX.

The reason I went to the store was to find a solution that would address shin splints. I was told that the inserts would certainly alleviate the painful shin splints.

However, after wearing the inserts as instructed, not only did I continue to experience shin splints, I also began to experience pain in my feet. I have never experienced pain in my feet prior to this using the inserts.

I notified my Sales Rep who asked me to return for a refit. After returning for a refit and exchanging the inserts, the pain in my feet continues as well as the continued shin splints.

Not only did the inserts not help with the shin splints, they actually worsened and now I have pain in both feet when I walk or apply pressure.

I would like to be refunded my money because now I am incurring additional expenses because of the foot pain that I have because of the inserts.