The New Yorker - not replying and not issuing a refund

May 06, 2022

ljslav-of irvine, US

I have ordered items from New Yorker on November 24th ORDER #YORK7114

I have sent multiple emails regarding the order to cancel the order before it was shipped (since it was not shipped when stated), I have then filled in the cancellation form on the website, I have written on Instagram - and I did not get a single reply. I have canceled my order before it was shipped and asked for a refund - instead, I got no word from the seller, the order was shipped (to the address I was no longer at), and my money is never refunded. Since then, I have sent multiple e-mails, New Yorker stated they that cannot find the transaction. I have send the details about the transaction - and I have not received a word from then. Please, issue my refund. Thank you.