The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey - PA Police and Cosntruction Vehicles

Apr 16, 2022

Yitzchok a-of Toronto, CA

On Friday night, April 15 around 1130pm, I was traveling outbound on the lower level of the GWB. It took over 1 hour to get from the exit ramp onto the Westbound Cross Bronx Expressway to the NJ side of the GWB via the lower level. The problem is that your construction vehicle and police vehicles were parked blocking the left hand lane unattended with no PA employees around. There was obviously no work or projects going on at this location at this time. This caused a nearly 4 mile backup onto the Cross Bronx Expressway.

THIS IS CLEARLY IRRESPONSIBLE AND UNACCEPTABLE and those PA supervisors responsible must be REPRIMANDED and DISCIPLINED for these irresponsible actions.

Vehicle should not be left blocking traffic lanes and disrupting traffic at any time when there is NO WORK TAKING place.

I will forwarding this information to NBC and ABC investigative reporters for immediate presentation and exposure to the public.

STOP THIS STUPIDITY AND IRRESPONSIBLE ACTIONS. Remember the public pays their salaries and can act to get them all FIRED. this can not and will no be tolerated.