The Retail Equation - The GAP

Mar 31, 2022

Unfair Business-of US

I got a gift for my daughters with no receipt. Unfortunately some of the clothes were too small so I went to a GAP store to ask for an EXCHANGE (essentially same clothes, different sizes). I wasn't even trying to get a merchandise card, just do an exchange, and TRE blocked my request. I asked for the report and called TRE and the CSR with whom I spoke essentially red from a script a laundry list of reasons for why the exchange was denied. I have not bought or returned anything at the GAP in the last 3 years. None of it was useful - I asked him the specific reason and he said "I don't know." He then told me that I have to send a WRITTEN LETTER (not an email) to a brick-and-mortar location and told me it could be up to FOUR-SIX WEEKS to get a reply. Zero customer service, zero resolution.

This company is a complete scam and it is ridiculous that no one will tell you why they deny a return.