The Tea Terrace - The Cobham branch

Apr 19, 2022

mich ross-of US

Good afternoon

We went as partyfor a 60th birthday to the tea terrace Cobham on Saturday 16th April. As I didn't organise it I didn't want to up set any one. They had ordered the indulgence tea and they came to take drink order I asked is it was refill no i never been for afternoon tea only one drink the tea and coffee usually following the tea czame and we had given are order in pairs and when it came it was all mixed up so we had to try and sort it out. The Scones were crumbling and fell apart and didn't get the right ones u ordered the cream was just a little on a very small tea pot plate I just fill this was not worth the 62.00 I had paid as I have been to cheaper places and the quality of the food has been to a higher standard and drinks following.

Waiting for reply

M Ross