Thomas Street Studios / Fusion Studios - Photo shoot

Feb 16, 2022

Tirtha D-of GB

Hello, I got a call from the studio to book a shoot with them by initially paying £50. I however agreed for it and visited the studio. The shoot was not that professional. Then the told us to go into the under ground floor room. The woman in the room showed the photos clicked , praised too much and kept us engaged in the conversation. She then told to sign the contract for the photo shoot package of £700 and told she would also give discount. I am an international student and I don’t earn enough. I asked her if I can ask me parents and come back later. She denied and told thats this is the only chance to sign. I came into her words and signed the contract being so unsure. She also made sure I don’t pay attention to what’s written in the contract.

Later I requested her to cancel the contract as my parents said that I should concentrate on my studies and they don’t have money for all this. It is too stressful for me to work part time and manage my expenses,I cannot pay the amount. I also read to many complaints against these studios. I cannot afford to lose more money.