Thomas Street Studios / Fusion Studios - Modelling Agency DEPOSIT

May 03, 2022

shirley jarvis-of US

I had signed up for a photo shoot 6/05/2022 and spoke to a gentleman named Daniel Lucas. He initially seemed nice, I paid my deposit on 29/04/22. The money was taken out immediately. I was told that if I could not make it to call and I had a week to do so. Now taking into account that I spoke to him On Tuesday 29/04/22, we then had the weekend, then bank holiday Monday. Which meant today 03/05/22 was the only day I could cancel as I had a pressing bill I did not anticipate.

I rang today for a refund, and he was very abrupt and told me I could not have a refund and this is not how it works.

Now again I would like the amount of £50 to go into my account or I will take this matter further.

I have since looked up Thomas Street and it comes across as a scam, or many people have been coned out of their money and refusal of deposits.